Dear Sirs!

Jetcom Industries Ltd. since 2009. Our company has been supplying products for companies of oil and gas industry in Russia with the aim of providing them with the most modern and high-technology equipment which is designed for long-term operation in the most severe conditions.

The main consumers are subsidiaries of Gazprom OJSC. The list of the supplying equipment is primarily connected  with  development of gas-fields and oilfields, as well as reconstruction of the existing and developed fields.

Our suppliers are the largest and most well-known American and European manufacturers in this industry.

The list of major contractors of Jetcom Industries  Ltd. with a long-term agreement  is as follows:

  1. Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations Inc.
  2. Weus Holding, Inc.
  3. FMC Technologies
  4. National Oilwell Varco
  5. Schlumberger
  6. Cameron
  7. AXON
  8. V&M Deutschland